Chapter 3: inspection, adjustment, and lubrication

Tubeless valve stem installation

These instructions explain how to install and remove a tubeless-type valve stem with a tubeless-compatible rim. To open the air valve, follow the instructions for the valve type on your bicycle.

To install the valve stem

1. Center the tubeless rim strip in the rim, and align the valve holes of the rim strip and rim.

2. With the slot on the head of the tubeless valve aligned with the rim (Figure 1), press the valve stem through the rim strip and the rim.

3. Thread the valve stem nut (Figure 1) onto the valve, and tighten firmly by hand. There should be no gap between the valve and the rim strip.

Use your fingers to tighten the valve nut. Don’t use pliers—if you puncture on the trail, you will have to be able to remove the nut by hand.

4. Make sure the rim strip is smooth, even, and centered in the rim well.

Figure 1:

Tubeless valve stem

To remove the valve stem

1. Remove the valve stem nut (Figure 1).

2. Thread the presta nut into the valve stem (to the Closed position).

3. Push the stem out of the rim.

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