Parts of the bicycle drivetrain
Figure 1- Parts of the bicycle drivetrain
Figure 2- Tighten the left pedal counter-clockwise; the right pedal clockwise

The pedals (Figure 1), and toe-clip assemblies on some models, support your feet as you pedal and steer the bicycle.

Inspecting the pedals

Every 3 months inspect your pedals and toe-clips. Tighten the pedals into the crank arms  to the torque specification; turn the right pedal clockwise, but the left pedal counter-clockwise (Figure 2).

Make sure your toe-clips are securely tightened to the pedal, and the pedal reflectors are clean and securely in place.

To check that the pedal bearings are properly adjusted, rotate and move the pedals right to left and up and down with your hand. If you feel any looseness or roughness in the pedal bearings, have your pedal adjusted, re-greased, or replaced by your Klein dealer.

Adjusting the pedals

Adjustment of the bearings in the pedals requires special tools and training. These services should only be performed by your Klein dealer.

To adjust the release force of clipless pedal, or to adjust the cleats, read Clipless Pedals.

Lubricating the pedals

Once a year re-grease the pedal bearings and pedal threads. Some pedal bearings are permanently sealed and do not require yearly re-greasing. Re-greasing bearings requires special tools and training, so this should only be done by your Klein dealer.

To re-grease the pedal threads

There are right and left pedals, usually marked with a letter stamped on the end of the pedal axle, or on the wrench flats.

1. Remove the pedals; turn the right pedal axle counter-clockwise, but turn the left clockwise.

2. Apply a thin layer of synthetic bicycle grease or a similar lubricant over all the threads.

3. Install the pedals on the proper side; put the right pedal on the right crank arm and the left pedal on the left crank arm.

4. Follow the instructions for tightening pedals in Inspection.

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